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5 Things to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

It's time to go dress shopping and we want to make sure you bring all the essentials with you! Read the article below to make your wedding dress shopping fun and easy! Make sure to comment below with tips on what made your dress shopping experience one that helped you find the perfect dress for your wedding!  

Source: Mywedding.com

Wedding dress shopping in the middle of all of the other crazy moments that come with planning a wedding is certainly an adventure. And while we’ve talked about dress trends and general wedding dress shopping tips (number five is my favorite, but number three is the reason I fell in love with my own wedding dress!), we haven’t had the chance to chat about something every bit as important: what to bring wedding dress shopping. It may seem pretty straightforward, but by putting a little bit of thought into what you’re going to slip on and take with you, you’ll increase your own comfort and confidence! So, without further ado, here’s what to wear when wedding dress shopping.

1. Something simple. While layers are cute and button-down shirts (oh chambray, how I love you) are fun, think about wearing something that will be comfortable, flattering and easy to get in and out of. This is especially important if you’re planning on visiting several boutiques – clothes that you can put on and take off quickly will help speed up the process. Don’t forget to slip into something you love, though. You should look and feel great when you go dress shopping!

2. Heels. Although your dress will be altered to fit the exact length you’re looking for, it’s great to get an idea of how it will look in the long run. Having heels on hand that are in height to the shoes you want to wear down the aisle will help you get a better sense of the finished product and make sure that your gown is ordered long enough. However, we don’t recommend spending an entire day of dress shopping in stilettos, which is why…

3. Flats. Save your feet and your emotional endurance for the dresses. If heels are your everyday go-to footwear, then by all means wear them – but otherwise plan to pull on some comfortable flats.

4. Cute underwear. Odds are that a bridal consultant will be helping you in and out of each and every gown you try on, so think about skipping the skimpy panties in favor of something with a little more coverage, or at least checking for holes! You want to feel gorgeous in this gown, and that starts with picking out the right underwear. Keep in mind that good underwear, or tights or Spanx if you think you’ll be wearing either one of them on your wedding day, will also improve the fit of the dresses you’re trying on!

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