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Good Afternoon, 


I would like to begin by announcing that we will be beginning to use a New Mobile Communication App this coming week.  This new app called Clubster will become our enhanced and primary communication vehicle to share all club news and events.  Clubster is both a mobile and desktop application that is private and secure with no advertising (Think private news feed similar to Facebook).  We will be able to communicate in real time with our Members and share pictures, videos, documents, and upcoming events.  The new format enables you to choose how you receive the information.  News feed, email, or push notification (similar to text).  We will be emailing an invitation by Tuesday of this week, to activate your account .  We encourage you take the 30 seconds to activate the account and check out the first few posts we have started with.  The CLUB RESOURCES tab will have information that is commonly used here as a Member of Jumping Brook. 

July Calendar 

The July Calendar of events is attached below my signature line at the bottom of the email it will say ATTACHMENTS  

Open Championship Pool below!

Here are the results of our last pool-The US Open  

  • Rick Fogliano  (Team Who Knows) -Free Foursome with Guests and carts (-6) Picked a tie breaker score of -7 which was closest to actual winning score
  • Brian Amabile (Team B. Amabile)-Four free Member Carts ( -6)
  • Blaine Price -(Team BAP) (-4) Two Free Member Carts 
  • Mike Jacobs (Team mr. demo) (-4) Two Free Member Carts 
  • Hal Kopp (Team hk) (-3) Free Lunch at Tillie & Willie's Grill 
  • Jack Coleman-(Team Sheepstealers) (-3) Free Lunch at Tillie & Willie's Grill 
  • Tim Frey (Team Frey) (-3) Free Lunch at Tillie & Willie's Grill 
  • Vincent Tomasetti (Team Vincent Tomasetti) (-2) Free Lunch at Tillie & Willie's Grill 
  • Marc Schnabolk (Team Power Fades) (-2) Free Lunch at Tillie & Willie's Grill 
  • Ethan Strauss (Team Strauss2) "D.F.L." +73 (yes +73!) That will get you a free Member cart! 



$5 per entry charged to your JB account, enter as many times as you would like (remember to pick different team names for your different picks) Picks close before first tee time on Thursday, remember it is overseas, so best to do by Wednesday night! 


Everyone picks a team of 6 golfers. Add your best 4 of 6 golfers scores to form your team score. The best team score wins the pool. Cut golfers (and anyone who doesn’t finish 4 rounds) get 80 for any rounds not completed. Playoff holes do not count.


Pick your team of golfers here:



Follow the action live



Good Luck and have a great week!

Mark E. Bryson, PGA 

Director of Golf Operations


(732)922-8200 ext. 17 


July 2021 Calendar

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