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A Great Place to Start

Jumping Brook Country Club is proud to that our Junior Golf Academy is now recognized by U.S. Kids Golf as a facility dedicated to the growth of junior golf!

Certified Instructor and JBCC’s Junior Golf Academy Program Director, Louis Hampton, III remains deeply committed to enhancing your junior’s understanding of golf and their enjoyment of the game. He believes the best methods to improving any skill development include continual practice, having attainable goals, and enjoying activities as juniors go through the process. Our Junior Golf Academy offers all of these elements in a safe environment.  For more information call Louis Hampton, III at 770-364-1097.

The U.S. Kids curriculum provides the Academy with a comprehensive vehicle to accomplish our teaching goals. In turn, we are better equipped to support your Junior’s playing goals. The progress booklet is provided for each level of instruction and enables parents to keep up with their Junior’s accomplishments. It’s a fantastic way to make learning a FAMILY activity!

U.S Kids Golf Program
  • A curriculum consisting of a series of 3 booklets, each of the 3 levels progressively more challenging
  • Essential communication tool, providing an effective way to work from the same point of reference
  • Blueprint for players, coaches, and parents
  • Easy to understand and execute
Expanded JBCC Junior Academy
  • Mixes both kid-friendly instructions and play on the course
  • By combining these two elements with a structured curriculum, younger golfers learn effectively and have fun at the same time
  • Recognizes Junior golfers in each of the 3 levels of difficulty and provides awards in key five areas: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge, Scoring

Program Highlight & Benefit

Course Set-Up For Juniors Jumping Brook Jr. League
Provides a fair and fun course designed specifically for a junior.

Golf Team
Promotes teamwork, camaraderie and a sense of pride in Jumping Brook. Develops relationships with juniors from other clubs.

Golf Camps
Clinics and Golf Camps are opportunities to get direct instruction & develop fundamentals by seeing & doing.

Parent/Junior Golf Tourney
Hit gives all the juniors & parents who participated consistently in the program an opportunity to play competitively in a team atmosphere.

What Parents Are Saying

“…thanks for your time, dedication, patience, and creativity with the youth program this year.” S.M. – (2 Children)

“Both kids, but especially Sam, enjoyed the clinics. Sam has got the golf bug and you will be seeing him again!” K.B. – (2 Children)

“What a great day! Thank you for all you did for the kids. They are really looking forward to next year.” C.R. – (3 children)

Private Lessons - 1 hour: $85
Through more focused work with a Junior golfer, we aim to give a greater understanding of the golf swing. The primary purpose of the individual lesson is to build confidence and a strong fundamental “base” so that as the student grows with the game, he/she has a point of reference with which to continually improve.
Short Game Lesson - 1 hour: $85
This lesson focuses only on chipping, pitching, and putting. The objective is to help junior golfers understand the art of scoring. We will spend the lesson analyzing how to control distance on chips and putts, as well as, properly reading the greens on different terrains. Some of our work will also include the mental aspects of improving our play around the green.
Lesson Series - 3 Meetings: $225.00

For the more advanced junior, we will offer a lesson series addressing all aspects of the game. We start with a Private Range Session. Our next session consists of a Short Game Lesson. We finish the series with a # Hole Playing Lesson. We will play one Par 3, one Par 4, and one Par 5 in order to look at playing strategies and discuss how to handle various situations on the course.

To speak with a PGA professional about golf lessons and our New Jersey Junior Golf program, call today! Call Louis Hampton, III at (770) 364-1097.


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